Thought life

Why don’t you ever tell me, what’s on your mind?
I don’t mind hearing, about what you’re thinking of.

You might be afraid, to let me peer into your heart,
Because I might see some stuff, that you’re not proud of.
That’s okay, we all have things, we don’t talk about.

You’re not guilty, if they’ve wandered into your brain,
Maybe you were curious, maybe you were sad,
Maybe you were ambushed, once again.

I won’t judge you, for what you’re thinking of.
Our thoughts are impulses, they’re not actions;
They will come and they will go.

But we are here and we can share,
And we can build on top of that.

Spanish Translation

¿Por qué nunca me dices, lo que tienes en mente?
No me molesta escuchar, lo que estás pensando.

Podrías tener miedo de dejarme mirar en tu corazón,
Porque podría ver cosas de las que no estás orgullosa.
Está bien, todos tenemos algo de que no hablamos.

No eres culpable, si se han metido en tu cerebro,
Tal vez tenías curiosidad, tal vez estabas triste,
O’ tal vez fuiste emboscada, otra vez.

Yo no te juzgaré por lo que estás pensando.
Nuestros pensamientos son impulsos, no son acciones;
Vendrán y se irán con el viento.

Pero los dos estamos aquí y podemos compartir,
Y podemos construir encima de eso.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2020

“There is no question that being ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ is a desirable and highly adaptive trait, and it is understandable that we generally prefer EQ to be high rather than low. However, obsessing over high EQ will create a workforce of emotionally stable, happy, and diplomatic people who potter along and follow rules enthusiastically instead of driving change and innovation. They will be great followers and good managers, but don’t expect them to be visionary leaders or change agents.”
Excerpt from The Downsides of Being Very Emotionally Intelligent

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