The Apple Of My Eye

I have a daughter,
She’s my world—
Because I love her with all my heart.

Her happiness is important to me—
So, I worry about the decisions she makes.

I become distressed,
When she acts independently—
I know she can’t help it,
That she’s unmarried.

But who am I upset at,
Is it her, is it myself, or The Creator—
Am I the only one,
Who’s anxious about her future?

And even though, I’m her defender,
Lately I’ve been feeling sickly and feeble-minded—
For I don’t know,
How much longer—I’ll be able.

She’s been waiting for a brave suitor,
To be her husband and protector.

But, it sounds like the train has left the station,
And I don’t hear another one coming.

For it seems like modern men,
Have lost their ambition to marry,
And to provide for a family.

And even though, most are lacking vision,
What matters most is the devotion.

All over the land, countless dads
Are pleading for their daughters,
That she will be in God’s Heart,
And for our world to be in His Hands.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2020

“It is a waste of time putting up signposts for others who necessarily travel by another, and usually a better, road. Old people are apt to make disastrous confusion between information that can be accumulated and conveyed, that is identical for all time, that is knowledge, and experience, that which must be lived and cannot be repeated.
But Old Age does worse than that. In trying to impose its experience as a law to youth it sins not only through ignorance, but from sheer selfishness. Parents try to impose their view of life on their children not merely or mostly to save those children from disaster — that to a certain extent and up to a certain age we must all do — but from possessiveness, from a desire, often unconscious, to fill the whole stage themselves. […]
The truth that it has failed to grasp is a hard one for human nature. This truth is that, in all matters that can be analyzed and known, Youth starts life on the shoulders of Age, and therefore… sees farther and is actually more likely to be right.” Excerpt from The Banquet of Life: Some of the Finest Advice on Growing Old, Growing Young, and Becoming Your Fullest Self

“And you shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless your bread, and your water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of you.” The Bible, Exodus 23:25

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