My Mom

My mother named me Roy,
Because, I was her Prince.
I was her first born,
I was her first joy!
She taught me, how to read and write,
And she told me, about Jesus.

When I was fifteen,
I tried writing poems.
Now, that I’m sixty,
All I can do—is blog.
I call myself, Elroypoet: king of poetry.
Because, in my mother’s eyes, I was royalty.

But, it’s not my mother’s love, that is at fault,
For my claim to grandiosity.
It’s my own inept integrity,
That has brought me this indignity.
For I, like other men before,
Have fallen into a trap, of vanity.

And now, all I have—is mediocrity.
There is nothing more,
That I can give.
I have stubs,
Where caring hands should be:
I have no creativity.

Grace is coming for me now,
Because, I never wanted—
To go to the cross and see;
I was too selfish, being free!
Thank You Jesus, for my mother,
And for blessing her with me.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

Autobiography: As I look back upon my life, I see a young woman who gave birth to me. She took care of me and did everything in her ability, to give me a normal childhood. Even though she struggled with my dad and endured many hardships; she gave all that she had for her first-born son and the children that soon followed.

Before, I even attended elementary, she had already taught me how to read and write, so that I could be prepared for school. She also gave me my first book: The Children’s Bible, which stirred up, in my young mind, a faith in Jesus Christ. Consequently, when I was in school, I did not struggle, because she had already instilled in me, a love for reading.

I never encountered any hardships in my teenage years, and I didn’t have to endure any type of prejudice or bullying while attending school and church. I count my youth as a blessing, because I didn’t acquire any bad habits or grow up with any unresolved childhood issues, that would’ve zapped the joy out of my formative years.

Thanks to my mom, I have experienced a happy and fulfilling life. She was indeed, my first hero, and now that I’m in my senior years, I’m finally acknowledging it. I wish, I had realized that, when I was in my wonder years. Please, remember to always thank your mom, for your childhood, because when you were young, you were the sunshine of everyday.

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.” Bible, Exodus 20:12

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