Racism isn’t a problem for me,
Is it for you?
So, if it’s not an issue to you,
Then how did you become—
Such an expert on it?
Don’t be knocking it,
If you ain’t willing to try it!

By: ElRoy © 2020

Commentary: Conservatives have tricked themselves with reverse psychology: ‘If everybody’s a racist nobody’s a racist’. Since they are living in denial, they have chilled the Constitution’s First Amendment—freedom to assemble and petition the government: “Black lives matter, (too)” by watering it down to: “All lives matter”.
Everybody rationalizes when they don’t understand or justifies what they can’t control. Everything is perception, and people tend to respond defensively to a mixed environment. For example, affluent parents can take their child out of the public-school system and enroll the student in private education to escape racism. However, the minority kid is stuck. Unfortunately—to the privileged child the word ‘racist’ becomes a joke or an insult, because he has become desensitized to it. In other words, it’s meaningless or just a token label.
Hopefully, the Constitution will still be around when evangelicals also need its protections. However, if our representatives continue to cherry pick the Amendments they want to enforce, I doubt there will be anything left, of our civil rights!

Read: How ‘Good White People’ Derail Racial Progress

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