Liberty For All

I am free, you are free!
Our creator made us, that way to be.

But there are those,
Who we’ve given power to govern,
Who believe—they’re better than we.
They will lie and cheat,
To take that freedom away from me.
And if they succeed,
They will surely—take it away from you.

Will you help me,
Remove those—who have betrayed our trust?
Will you vote with me?
So that my vote will count,
So that my voice—won’t be taken away from me.
So that our children will remain free,
So we can all have liberty!

By: ElRoy © 2020

Listen to for KING & COUNTRY—TOGETHER song

“This does not mean that we agree with all that is done with the force of law. It means that we obey the current law and use peaceful means to change it. It also means that we peacefully accept the results of elections. We will not participate in the violence threatened by those disappointed with the outcome. In a democratic society we always have the opportunity and the duty to persist peacefully until the next election.”

Excerpt from Love Your Enemies

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