Capitalist Democracy

Capitalists are evil,
Racists are worse!
But, given a choice,
I’ll go with the first.

But if your a racist
and a capitalist too,
what shall we call you?

How about neoliberal,
or would you prefer,
we go the fascist way?

By: ElRoyPoet © 2021

Greed, Capitalism, And Prison Slavery

STUDY: Neoliberalism Has Poisoned Our Minds To Prefer Inequality

“Protests such as the Ottawa truck blockade are sweeping rich nations. But the movements are based on capitalist delusions.”
Excerpt from There’s no solidarity in ‘sovereign citizen’ protests—only incoherent rage

“Watts chronicles the ways the republic, with a population once devoted to national service and personal honor, was torn to shreds by growing wealth inequality, partisan gridlock, political violence and pandering politicians, and argues that the people of Rome chose to let their democracy die by not protecting their political institutions, eventually turning to the perceived stability of an emperor instead of facing the continued violence of an unstable and degraded republic.
Though he does not directly compare and contrast Rome with the United States, Watts says that what took place in Rome is a lesson for all modern republics. ‘Above all else, the Roman Republic teaches the citizens of its modern descendants the incredible dangers that come along with condoning political obstruction and courting political violence,’ he writes. ‘Roman history could not more clearly show that, when citizens look away as their leaders engage in these corrosive behaviors, their republic is in mortal danger.’
What he has to bear responsibility for is he starts using this really aggressive and threatening language and threatening postures. He never resorts to violence, but there’s always this implicit threat. ‘If not for me, things would get out of control.’ And that is different, that was never done before. What he introduces is this political tool of intimidation and threats of violence. Later thinkers say once it’s there, even if others choose not to use it, it’s there forever.”
“It is profoundly dangerous when a politician takes a step to undercut or ignore a political norm, it’s extremely dangerous whenever anyone introduces violent rhetoric or actual violence into a republican system that’s designed to promote compromise and consensus building.”
Excerpt from Lessons in the Decline of Democracy From the Ruined Roman Republic

“’The fundamental threat to freedom is power to coerce,’ which comes from concentrated power, Friedman explained. ‘The kind of economic organization that provides economic freedom directly, namely, competitive capitalism, also promotes political freedom because it separates economic power from political power and in this way enables the one to offset the other.’
Simply put, free market capitalism means that the control of resources is spread out across millions of consumers and businesses in an economy. Under socialism, one centralized authority, even if it is elected by 51% of the people, can control the essentials that all people need to survive, such as healthcare, for example. This gives that authority enormous leverage it can use to repress personal and political freedoms, such as the freedom of speech, that it would never have in a free market economy.” Excerpt from Cuba’s authoritarian repression is a feature of socialism, not a bug

‘Markets work; governments don’t’ Neoliberalism contends that markets allocate scarce resources, promote efficient growth and secure individual liberty better than governments.

How Inflation Precipitates Societal Collapse

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between true and false no longer exists.” By: Hannah Arendt

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” By: Mahatma Gandhi

Is a capitalist-socialist economy inevitable? | Big Think

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