put up your nukes

Don’t you know,
war isn’t a video game—
that you get to choose sides?

Don’t you know,
that when you strike a match,
something’s gonna burn?

Isn’t it better,
to strike up a conversation,
for someone’s mind to turn?

Don’t you know,
that if you live under the threat of war,
the rocket blasts will soon follow?

Don’t be a walking time bomb,
can’t you see,
you’re surrounded by land mines?

And don’t be imagining
your nukes are bigger than mine—
even if it’s true, what good will that do?

By: ElRoyPoet © 2022

Commentary: If you let the devil have the upper hand, we will all become bondsman, and democracy will fail, so we have no choice, but to make sure freedom prevails. Don’t believe the devil’s lies, that you can have it both ways. You can’t support democracy and sell your capitalist soul to autocracy. It’s a trick to weaken your conviction; to destabilize your firm foundation; to make you over confident, that you won’t be affected by the slippery slope that leads to autocracy. If you support autocracy, you are undermining democracy—why is that so hard to understand?
The reason communists, socialists, fascists and marxists embrace each other is because they don’t feel threaten by the other, so they give each other space, in order to maintain their deception of “honor among thieves”.
The only way to save humanity is for truth and democracy to win over deception and autocracy. An “injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere”, and its coming to a theater near you. Just because I’m not adverse to the inevitable final confrontation between “good versus evil”, it doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge that the world might burn if WW3 escalates into a nuclear showdown. But that’s the choice freemen must make, because that’s what I’ve enlisted for.

When he was vice president, Joe Biden declared, “If we want a world without nuclear weapons, the United States must take the initiative to lead us there.” And, he added, “as the only nation to have used nuclear weapons, we bear a great moral responsibility to lead the charge.” Excerpt from Opinion | A world without nuclear weapons

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment, You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.” Bible, Isaiah 54:17

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