A Line In The Sand

Even though, I try and try to change your heart,
Your patriot tendencies don’t depart.

You’ve already drawn a line in the sand,
Now it’s up to me, to draw a survival plan.

You will attack and I will defend:
My life, family, country, all that I can.

Oh brother, can’t you see,
The nationalist leaders you’re following,
Are numbing your head and your heart.

You will attack and I will defend:
Our freedom, constitution, all that I can.

Oh, brother can’t you see,
The nationalist leaders you’re following,
Are tearing our nation apart!

By: ElRoy © 2020

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“Tensions over racial issues, politics and the coronavirus pandemic are provoking arguments within families and between friends: Spouses are arguing about money; siblings are fighting about how to keep parents safe from the virus; some people are confronting relatives about race. Many conversations have the potential to become heated, especially as chronic stress is keeping our fight-or-flight systems activated, making us more likely to react.”

Excerpt from Worried About a Difficult Conversation Here is Advice From a Hostage Negotiator

“The patriots will tear our United States apart! They believe they’re saving their nation, because they’ve been radicalized into thinking, that democrats are socialist, that are trying to take it away from them.”

Excerpts (edited) from Let’s talk about back and forth where we go and how we got here

See video Let’s talk about things not going the way you planned

Read interview The data scientist exposing US white supremacists This is how you fight Nazis

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