A Line In The Sand

Even though, I try and try to change your heart,
Your superpatriot tendencies don’t depart.

You’ve already drawn a line in the sand,
Now it’s up to me, to draw a survival plan.

You will attack and I will defend:
My life, family, country, all that I can.

Oh brother, can’t you see,
The nationalist leader you’re following,
Is numbing your head and your heart.

You will attack and I will defend:
Our freedom, constitution, all that I can.

Oh, brother can’t you see,
The nationalist leader you’re following,
Is tearing our nation apart!

By: ElRoy © 2020

Listen to Danny Gokey—Hope in Front of Me Song

What America needs right now, is a new president who can unite and bring the people on the streets together. So that we can realize, that we have more in common with each other, than we do with the republicans, who’ve been dividing us for the last four years. The protestors will give Biden a chance. But not Trump because they know he hates them! This country will not unite under the current president, it will not heal, it will only get worst! The patriots will tear our united states apart! They believe they’re saving their nation, because they’ve been radicalized into thinking, that democrats are socialist, that are trying to take it away from them.

Excerpts (edited) from: Let’s talk about back and forth where we go and how we got here

Conspiracy Theory: Here’s a zero-day scenario for you, that I hope and pray never comes to pass. Let’s say Trump gets reelected and let’s say the National Guard, the Police and the Alt-right squash the Rebellion. Nothing changes but social injustice escalates. What are the Protestors going to do? They only have one recourse and that’s to take the Resistance underground. Hello Ireland, hello Israel, hello martial law, hello surveillance state! Good bye First Amendment Protections! Because there’s always repercussions to division and hate. But it could’ve been avoided—if America had done a reset with a new president—who would’ve united us.

See video: Let’s talk about things not going the way you planned

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