Woke America

Just because I live in the suburbs,
It doesn’t mean—I will disparage the inner-city.

Just because I am college educated,
It doesn’t mean—I am superior to my brothers.

Just because I have a high end career,
It doesn’t mean—I will demean the underemployed.

Just because I am healthy and secure,
It doesn’t mean—I will forsake the uninsured.

Just because I support my representatives,
It doesn’t mean—I will excuse corruption.

Just because I support law and order,
It doesn’t mean—I condone police brutality.

Just because I support our government,
It doesn’t mean—I will tolerate tyranny.

Just because I believe in freedom of religion,
It doesn’t mean—I will allow hate in the public square.

Just because I value freedom of the press,
It doesn’t mean—I will permit indecency in public spaces.

Just because I agree that all citizens
Have the right to protest.
It doesn’t mean—I must agree with all their grievances.

And most important of all,

Just because I was born into white privilege,
It doesn’t mean—I can’t be woke!
I can use my voice to speak up
Against inequality and try to make a difference.

By: ElRoy © 2020

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