Fake News

Alternative facts—
You have the right to express.
For the Constitution defends,
The Freedom Of The Press.
But if you shoot the Messenger,
My transparent Heart—
Will definitely turn opaque!

By: ElRoy © 2020

Listen to Hawk Nelson—Words

“Our founders created a document that built a representative democracy. Because the idea is: that our elected officials represent us, they don’t rule us, they have to listen. And in order to achieve this, you need the machinery for people to have their voice heard. However, it is the republican party that constantly seeks to attack the machinery for change—the method in which the average person can have their voice heard. This is why they suppress the vote, this is why they seek to criminalize assembly, speech, it’s why they attack the media—fake news. This is a method outlined by the founders, so the government can hear the opinions of the people—when it comes to petitioning for a redress of grievances. Regardless, when it comes to the republican party you are always doing it wrong!”

Excerpt from Let’s talk about the Constitution and the machinery for change

Commentary: The news media allows equal opportunity on their platforms, from ordinary citizens to celebrities. However, you can’t judge the journalists by the content of the news. When somebody plays the ‘victim card’ because he believes the media is against him and retaliates by trying to burn the whole institution down; the act of crying out ‘fake news’ broadcasts to the free world that he is using incendiary rhetoric. This deplorable behavior only reaffirms that the former reporter’s commentary was probably correct.

Read Cognitive Ability and Vulnerability to Fake News

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