Facts don’t care about your feelings

“Holocaust denier, climate denier, living in denial, but now you’ve sunk to a new low, you PTSD denier!” By: ElRoyPoet, 2019

Will America’s disregard for science be the end of its reign?

Commentary: “If I was to acknowledge that pain and suffering is somebody’s reality that would mean that I’m capable of compassion and I don’t think my brain could handle that type of rejection.” When you possess empathy, you’re destined to become somebody’s hero; and that would require a willingness to share a part of your heart, not of your excess, but of what is vital for your self-preservation.

“But if the story is about Republican candidates who say in absolute terms that they have no business running for public office; that they don’t believe in democracy; that indeed they have contempt for the very idea of normal people manifesting their destinies; […] With that, citizens know what to do. That paradox is, of course, this: Republican candidates who are hostile to democracy are asking voters to entrust them with democracy. They are saying, ‘I can’t be trusted.’ […] When you allow anti-democrats to sit at the negotiating table of democracy, little gets done, because the table’s been depoliticized. That, of course, is the ultimate objective of these Republican anti-democrats. They strive to make democracy unworkable, ungovernable and unbearable, hoping to drive republican citizens into despairing whether they can manifest their own destinies. Fortunately, they are telling us who they are.” Excerpt from Republican anti-democrats are telling us who they are. Are we listening?

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